Zenvo ST1 – Scandinavian Supercar

November 14, 2009 at 4:57 pm

Since Bugatti unveiled the 1001 hp Veyron model, many manufacturers started to think that they can do better! One of the first ones to reveal its project was the Swedish firm, Zenvo. And by the looks of things, they can do better than Veyron!

I mean with a 7.0 liter V8 which is equipped with both a supercharger and a turbocharger, everything’s possible. Even an unbelievable output of 1104 hp! Of course to get that much you have to feed this engine with unleaded 98 (RON) or Bio fuel (E85).

Zenvo ST1   Scandinavian Supercar Zenvo st1 1

The car uses a specially developed six-speed sequential gearbox to deliver the power to the ground. There are no official performance numbers out yet.

Zenvo ST1   Scandinavian Supercar Zenvo st1 2

Apart from technicalities, Zenvo ST1 also tries to have all the supercar ingredients to become a match for the mighty Veyron. The design of the Zenvo ST1 is made from free flowing accelerating lines creating the shapes of the wheel arches, the roof lines, side line and the lower side air intake. The sharp lines are connected by muscular organic surfacing creating dramatic reflections. The front is designed around the hexagonal trademark Zenvo grille flanked by the large front air intakes used for brake cooling and housing the front light. The theme of the front is repeated in the rear which is designed around the big diffuser necessary for high speed stability and down force.

Zenvo ST1   Scandinavian Supercar Zenvo st1 5

It is also rich in terms of equipments. You’ll get things like air conditioning, keyless go system, two airbags, cruise control, head up display, and a top-notch multimedia system.

But one thing that is not certain about the ST1, is the quality of the thing. Supercars of this type tend to be fragile and unreliable, so if this Scandinavian wanna rival the Veyron it should come clean on this matter. After all, they are only going to make 15 examples of this car.