Zenvo ST-1 50S

June 15, 2011 at 9:24 am

This is not  new version of the Zenvo ST-1 hyper car. It is a slightly tweaked version of it which they hope to sell to Americans for $1,800,000 USD!

What do you get for the extra pay over normal ST-1? Well not much to be honest. Here’s the specs of the regular Zenvo: a limited run of 15 units produces 1104hp and 1430NM of torque, 0-100kmh in 3.0 seconds with a LIMITED top speed of 375kmh. With gear changes taken care of by a 6 speed manual transmission or an optional F1 paddle shift 7 speed transmissions. The power plant for the Zenvo ST-1 is Zenvo’s own design 7ltr supercharged and turbo charged V8.

Zenvo ST 1 50S Zenvo ST 1 50S Special Edition

And here’s the specs of the 50S model, which is limited to 3 units and comes with a free Aspen Zenvo wristwatch worth $49,000 USD:

  • 3 ST-1 50S available in the following colours 1 x Intense Red, 1 x Crystal White and 1 x Mediterranean Blue.
  • Individually numbered vehicles with Special Edition Plaque signed by the engineers and owners.
  • Special individual Monogrammed seats
  • Power increased to 1250hp and 1500nm Torque
  • Standard F1 7 speed transmission
  • Magnesium Wheels

Worth it? You have to decide!