Toyota Prius 2010 3rd Generation

August 20, 2009 at 1:26 am

The third generations Toyota prius 2010 looks very similar to its previous edition. The third generations Toyota prius 2010 has numerous facilities that are added from the experience gained from the previous edition. The car is very wide and larger than the previous edition. The car works on a 1.8 liters engine along with tech gizmo. There are also many safety options that are made available in the Toyota prius 2010. The price of the Toyota prius 2010 is affordable and very cheap which ranges form 22, 750 $ to 26, 550 $. Some of the benefits of buying the Toyota prius 2010 is blue tooth connectivity, leather seating and JBL stereos.

Toyota Prius 2010 3rd Generation Toyota Prius 2010 3rd Generation

This is one of the most advanced cars that are available in the market with many improved version that is not available in other cars of the markets in. The driver feels very comfortable with the seating facility of the car. This car was able to achieve an amazing fuel economy rate of 44 mpg. When you see overall features it is similar to the previous editions but the notable thing is the car has is more economical than the previous editions.

There is no need for you to worry about the sound factors as this car will not produce any annoying sounds when you climb a hill because of the improved and efficient engine that is used in this version. The other advantage is it takes a very little effort to accelerate the car. The car will run on the electric power when you drive it at lower speeds. When you are travelling in a very low speed EV mode which is one of the new facilities added to it will help when you have to stop or when you are going to the traffic. This is done by closing the engine for the duration. The handling of the car is better than the previous edition. You need not have to lean too much while you are trying to turn the car on the corners. You will be able to enjoy a steady and good ride when you are travelling in a new Toyota prius 2010.

The drivers feel very comfortable with the new telescopic steering wheel that is made available in the new Toyota prius 2010. The seats provided in the car are comfortable and the leather that is provided along with the car gives a good support to seat. But the thing is the switch for the seats is at a very peculiar place beneath the console which is very difficult to reach and operate. It will really take some time to get adjusted to the new multi function display. You will not have any touch screens unlike the preceding one. The split rear window that is made available helps you to get a good and a clear visibility. The wiper will help to clean the upper portion of the car’s glass thus making it more visible and clear enough for the driver to drive the car during rain.

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