Toyota GT 86 Revealed

November 28, 2011 at 10:13 am

All of Toyota’s efforts in the past three or four years, all the FT concepts, and all the testings and evaluations boil down to this, the new GT86 sports coupe.

And we are glad to report it’s not a disappointing car. Sure, that 2.0 liter boxer engine should have more than 197 bhp, but the simplicity of the car is just so charming. You have an honest sportscar here that doesn’t try to cheat the laws of physics to give yo a good drive. It has a well-sorted rear-drive chassis with a limited-slip diff and manual gearbox and 17-inch wheels. The ingredients re not stacking up for a disaster, are they!

Toyota GT 86 Revealed Toyota GT 86

This unique powertrain format combines with the world’s most compact four-seat design, light weight, low inertia and a low centre of gravity for the best possible power-to-weight ratio. These attributes award the GT 86 lively, accessible performance, highly engaging, readily exploitable dynamic abilities with minimal electronic intrusion, and maximum driving pleasure.

The styling is alright too. It’s a bit too Japanese for European taste, yes, but you can’t really fault it. And you can’t find anything wrong with the interior. It is actually a very nice place with retro-inspired dials and knobs.

All things considered, the GT86 was well worth the wait.