Toray Teewave AR1 by Gordon Murray

September 21, 2011 at 8:21 pm

most of you recognize Gordon Murray name because of his masterpiece, McLaren F1.

Sadly after the F1 this automotive genius was on a constant fall, ending up designing rubbish cars like the T27 electric city car, or weird Batmobiles. Now though, he is trying his hand at making electric sportscars. The Toray Teewave AR1 is what he came up with when Toray went to GMD and asked for a prototype that shows off their carbon fiber technologies. It is clearly inspired by Tesla Roadster.

Toray Teewave AR1 by Gordon Murray TEEWAVE AR1 0

unlike the Tesla though, the AR1 is not fast. It has a miserable 47 kW and 180 Nm Mitsubishi drivetrain which is more at home in a food blender than a car! So it does 0 to 60 in like 12 seconds and can only reach 90 mph top speed. Disappointing.

The body and chassis are very high-tech tough, and together with the whole batteries and stuff weighs no more than 850 kg.