Subaru BRZ Details

November 17, 2011 at 5:51 pm

The wraps finally come off the Subaru BRZ as the car makes it debut at the Los Angeles Autoshow.

And we have the first details of the car here. Based on an all-new rear-wheel drive (RWD) compact sports car developed from an ongoing joint-project between Subaru and Toyota Motor Corporation, the car utilizes a new boxer 2.0 liter engine that helps it achieve the lowest center of gravity. If you are wondering that’s the point of that, it will result in great handling, given the compact size of the car.

Subaru BRZ Details brz 11

Looks-wise, the car comes with a hexagonal lower front grille, hawk eye headlights and fin-shaped fog lamps make the front face instantly recognizable as Subaru. The STI-made lower front spoiler and rear wing magnify down-force and aerodynamics performance. They allow stable straight driving and excellent handling at high speeds.

By incorporating lightweight parts such as a carbon-fiber roof, the overall weight has been reduced. Subaru has also succeeded in attaining a body structure that is both lightweight and highly rigid in a striking balance. STI-tuned suspension and Brembo brakes also contribute to its ‘handling delight’ factor.