Special Edition Lexus LF-A

March 17, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Lexus LF-A has spent a lot of time on the Nurburgring circuit as a test mule and as a prototype racer. But this year it’ll come to the ‘Ring 24 hours race in its full glory showing off its high-tech features and amazing design.

This special Lexus LF-A comes with a revised body which has been modified for better aerodynamics. It comes with bigger air intakes in front and rear, a racing diffuser, a fixed rear wing and racing wheels and tires.

Special Edition Lexus LF A lexus lfa ring 4

The powertrain however remains the same as the 5.5 liter 552 hp V10 you get in the road-going version. Lexus likes to emphasize this engine’s build quality by entering the standard engine into the race.

This car is backed by Gazoo Racing team and will be driven by Toyota’s ace test driver Hiromu Naruse, and a team of four Japanese and three German drivers.