Simbol Design Lavazza GTX-R

October 28, 2010 at 7:17 pm

This car you see here is called the Simbol Design Lavazza GTX-R and it’s a work of a group of Ferrari Enzo enthusiasts who by the looks of thins just wanted something like it, period!

So they ended up with this ugly thing! But it has some redeeming features that might save it from hell, and the best feature of them all is the V12 powertrain which comes from BMW and has 620 hp.

Simbol Design Lavazza GTX R Simbol Design Lavazza GTX R

Now this being a supersport, it has a full carbon fiber body, 18-inch wheels in the front with 245/40 tires and 19-inch at the back with 345 ultra-fat tires, 6-speed electro-pneumatic gearbox. So it’s definitely a good performer at least on the track.

There’s no mention of the pricing, but you may rest assured it’s not going to be cheap.