SDR Sportscars WR3 V-Storm

January 16, 2010 at 7:12 pm

At 2010 Autosport International racing car show in Birmingham, SDR Sportscars revealed their new and ambitious project called the V-Storm.

Those who are familiar with the incredible Ariel Atom, will instantly realize the V-Storm is based on that car. In fact it is the same car but with three seats. So every time you go to tack days, two of your mates can come too!

SDR Sportscars WR3 V Storm SDR Sportscars WR3 V Storm

But the cool thing about the V-Storm is the configuration of seats! It copies McLaren style here, the driver seats in the middle and there are two other seats on each side of him. This also helps with the weight distribution.

As for the power, this mad sportscar is powered by a Subaru Boxer engine with more than 300 hp. Given the its weight of only 700 kg, the V-Storm in helluva performer and can accelerate to 60mph from standing still in less than three seconds.