Peugeot 90X

November 3, 2010 at 6:18 pm

Peugeot motorsport division revealed their new prototype racer, currently codenamed the 90X.

This new race car has new aerodynamic characteristics chief among which is the new shark fin on the engine cover. Speaking of the engine, Peugeot does not reveal any details on that, and just say they’re exploring different options for that. So it might be a diesel like the 908, or a hybrid, or maybe just a normal petrol.

Peugeot 90X peugeot 90x 1

They say it’s not a replacement for the current908 HDi LeMans racer, and that it will be developed in parallel with that car. The 90X is at the beginning of its track tests and will be used in different events in 2011.

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