Nissan Nismo Announced 2011 Motorsport Plan

February 14, 2011 at 8:21 pm

Nissan and its in-house performance and motorsport arm NISMO released detailed calendar of the 2011 season.

As always, it includes full participation in SUPER GT series, GT500 class, which is the highest level in Japanese domestic motorsports, with the Nissan GT-R. In addition, Nissan will again provide technical support to private teams through NISMO, competing with a total of 4 Nissan GT-Rs in the FIA GT1 World Championship in its second year.

Nissan Nismo Announced 2011 Motorsport Plan nissan nismo gt r

Nissan will also support customer customer programs and driver development plans, and pursue FIA GT1 championship while providing engine for the LMP2 car of French Signature Le Mans racing team. Here’s details of the mentioned plans:


· Vehicles:
The R35 model NISSAN GT-R will take part in the SUPER GT series’ GT500 class. NISMO will develop the cars and provide technical support for participating teams. The 2011 NISSAN GT-R will incorporate changes in the VRH34A engine that include improved torque in the critical revolution range for competition, along with increased horsepower. Also refined is detailed design of the body to improve downforce. The reliability of the GT-R drivetrain is increased as well.

· Team Composition:
NISMO, TEAM IMPUL, KONDO RACING and a newcomer, MOLA, will deploy one car each, for a total of four Nissan GT-Rs competing across the Nissan teams. A new stable of top-class drivers will join this season. Kunihiko Kakimoto will continue as the general director of the teams driving Nissan cars.

No. Entrant Team principal Drivers Vehicle name Tire brand
23 NISMO Yutaka Suzuki Satoshi Motoyama/
Benoit Treluyer
12 TEAM IMPUL Kazuyoshi Hoshino Tsugio Matsuda/
João Paulo de Oliveira
Calsonic IMPUL GT-R Bridgestone
24 KONDO RACING Masahiko Kondo Hironobu Yasuda/

Björn  Wirdheim

TBA Yokohama
46 MOLA Toshiomi Oeki Masataka Yanagida/

Ronnie Quintarelli

S-Road MOLA GT-R Michelin

2. FIA GT1 World Championship

NISMO will supply four R35 model NISSAN GT-Rs for the private teams participating in the FIA GT1 World Championship, as well as providing technical support. SUMO POWER GT, which won one race last year, will continue to compete in the championship and JR MOTORSPORTS (JRM) will join the race this year with the NISSAN GT-R.

· Team Composition:

No. Entrant Team principal Drivers
TBA SUMO POWER GT Andy Barnes Enrique Bernoldi (BRA) / Ricardo Zonta (BRA)
TBA JR MOTORSPORTS James Rumsey Michael Krumm (DEU)/ Lukas Luhr (DEU)
TBA Peter Dumbreck (GB)/ Richard Westbrook (GBR)

· Vehicles:

Although significant changes to  vehicle specification are  not allowed due to the FIA GT1 technical regulations, the 2011 GT-R features  a lighter weight body and modified front bumper for improved aerodynamics.

3. NISSAN Driver Development Program (NDDP):
Nissan will continue to support Formula Challenge Japan (FCJ), which started in 2006 with the aim of educating young drivers to enable them to compete worldwide.

Three young drivers have been chosen as Nissan Advance Scholarship drivers. Among them, two will take part in the National (N) Class of the All-Japan F3 Championship and one will receive support to run in Formula 3 Euro Series . Three additional individuals have been selected as Nissan Scholarship drivers and support to run in FCJ.

NDDP Advance Scholarship Drivers:
All-Japan F3 Championship (N Class): Katsumasa Chiyo (23), Daiki Sasaki (19)
Formula 3 Euro Series: Kimiya Sato (21)
NDDP FCJ Scholarship Drivers: Tsubasa Kondo (21), Daiwei Zhu (20),
Mitsunori Takaboshi (18)

4. Customer Program

  • NISMO LMP2 Engine

NISMO offers its NISSAN VK45DE engine, which is specially made for racing and complies with 2011 ACO LMP2 regulations. NISMO will also provide technical support to customer teams taking part in ILM (Intercontinental Le Mans Cup), the 24 Hours of Le Mans and LMS (Le Mans Series).

  • NISSAN GT-R FIA GT3 model

NISMO is currently developing a NISSAN GT-R FIA GT3 specification vehicle. Based on experimental participation in several races to be held in Europe and Japan in 2011, it will be offered to customer teams beginning in 2012.

  • NISSAN 370Z GT4

NISMO provides technical support to RJN Motorsports, based in the United Kingdom, which participates in GT4 European Cup with the Nissan 370Z.

  • Super Taikyu

NISMO provides technical support to customer teams participating in the Super Taikyu series in Japan.

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