Mercedes SLS AMG Wins Three Awards At Once!

October 28, 2010 at 7:08 pm

Since its introduction, Mercedes SLS AMG has won countless awards all around the world and is admired by thousands of people for its amazing features.

But recently at the Europe’s largest public internet survey or the Internet Auto Awards as it’s known, the car won not one, not two, but three awards! It was voted as the Europe’s most popular car and also won both super sports car and coupe categories.

Mercedes SLS AMG Wins Three Awards At Once! sls amg award

And it really deserves all this, becasue the SLS is such a unique combination of style, prestige, sport, and fun and it has a great character you will find in no other car. Best of all, it has heritage, It is the greatest replacement for the legend from the 1950s, the 300 SL.

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