Mazda Taiki

October 4, 2007 at 12:30 pm

The Mazda Taiki is a concept car that will debut at the Tokyo Auto Show later this month, and its design might give some clues to the model that will replace the Mazda RX8 in the future.

What you see above the text and below, are the first official photos of the Mazda Taiki.
Preceded by the Mazda Kabura concept in Januray, the Mazda Taiki has an aerodynamic shape, sweeping vanes at the grill, a fighter style cockpit and a catamaran style hull at the rear of the car.

Another feature to be considered is the ultra-narrow rear tires and will probably use a rotary engine powered by hydrogen.

Mazda Taiki mazda taiki thumb

Mazda Taiki mazdataiki thumb

Mazda Taiki mazdataiki 1 thumb

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