LupiniPower Chevrolet SuperUte

April 5, 2011 at 8:43 pm

This year BMW came up with a pickup version of the M3 but it was nothing but a joke, an April Fool’s joke. It is in fact a very serious machine that’s faster even than the M3 Coupe!

now LupiniPower decided to emphasize their SuperUte is no joke by releasing details and specs of it. This Chevy SuperUte is powered by a 535bhp 590lb.ft 6-litre supercharged V8 which offers 5-second 0-60mph acceleration and top speed of 175 mph. A while ago Australians also had a go at making a fast and thrilling Ute which resulted in the Maloo, a Holden-based pickup that is capable of monstering sports sedan in straight line.

LupiniPower Chevrolet SuperUte LupiniPower Chevrolet SuperUte

Lupini’s Ute also gets bigger race-specification front disc brakes and callipers, which have been further upgraded through the vehicle’s development, while subtle yet effective suspension tweaks see the standard Ute’s already impressive handling, road holding and dynamic ability improve without undue compromise to ride and comfort.

Specifications & Performance

Engine                                Supercharged 5967cc OHV V8

Power                                 535bhp @ 5600rpm

Torque                                590lb.ft @ 3400rpm

Specific Power                  90bhp/litre

Power to Weight               328bhp/tonne

Transmission                    6-speed manual

Brakes   Front:                  Alloy 4-piston callipers, 350mm ventilated & slotted discs

Wheels:                              Front: 8.5J x 20 Alloy, Rear: 10J x 20 Alloy

Tyres:                                  Bridgestone Potenza RE050 – Front: 245/35R20, Rear: 285/30R20

Acceleration 0-60mph:   4.8 seconds

Acceleration 0-150mph: 22.9 seconds

Standing quarter-mile:    12.7 seconds @ 113mph

Overtaking 50-75mph:    3.1 seconds

Overtaking 75-100mph: 3.5 seconds

Maximum Speed             175mph

Fuel – Urban Cycle           18.8mpg

CO2 Emissions                227g/km