Lotus Exos T125

August 10, 2010 at 10:17 am

This car you see here might look like a F1 car but it’s not one. It also has specs very close to a Formula 1 car, but in fact it is the ultimate track car made by Lotus!

The Lotus Exos T125 is inspired by F1 cars and will give the ultimate experience of driving the ultimate racing car in the world. Mind you, for the privilege of driving it you got to have at least one million euros to spare.

Lotus Exos T125 Lotus Exos T125 2

If you do have that money we advise you to get the car, because it weighs just 650 kg and is powered by a Cosworth GPV8 developing 650 hp (deliberately limited) and features very advanced carbon suspension and braking. So although they say not, but It’s a bloody F1 car!

With the T125 which is limited to 25 units, you get the membership of an exclusive club which will organize different events throughout the year.