Ken Block’s Gymkhana III Ford Fiesta

April 21, 2010 at 7:27 pm

Ford has revealed today details of Ken Block’s new toy which he will be using in the upcoming Gymkhana III series to pull off even cooler tricks than before.

This new Ford Fiesta is such a beast with up to 850 hp, but for Gymkhana it’s restricted to 650 hp and 660 lb-ft. of torque, and it can go from zero to 60 mph in just two seconds! So it really needs Ken Block levels of skills to handle it!

Ken Blocks Gymkhana III Ford Fiesta ken block fiesta

“The whole Gymkhana thing started quite simply. I was looking for a way to get more seat time that involved rally-type driving, and a series for actual Gymkhana racing sprung up in California,” said Block. “I built the first car to compete in it, but unfortunately the series folded after only one event. I then had a purpose-built car with nowhere to run it, so I rented El Toro airfield to go have a little fun with my new toy and ended up making a video from the day of practice. Next thing we knew, it exploded on the Internet.”

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