Izaro GTE Spanish Supercar

August 20, 2010 at 9:38 am

In the recent years Spain has been getting more and more involved in making supercars. We had the Tramontana, the GTA and now this, the Izaro GTE.

Unlike the other two though, the Izaro will be powered with either a hybrid or an all-electric powertrain. Despite that, there won’t be any compromise on power, Izaro is talking about 400 to 500 hp for this car.

Izaro GTE Spanish Supercar Izaro GTE

They are also trying to keep the weight of the car very low, in neighborhood of 1000 kg, so the blistering performance would be guaranteed.  But the best thing about the Izaro GTE is affordability.

The company wants to keep the price around 55,000 euros.