GreenGT LMP H2 Le Mans Racer

June 15, 2011 at 9:29 am

Automobile Club de L’Ouest (ACO), the guys behind Le Mans, have come up with a new experimental vehicle which will introduce fuel cell technology to motorsport at next year’s Le Mans 24-hours.

Based on an LMP chassis, the GreenGT LMP H2 will be fueled by hydrogen and integrate its own onboard power plant.Considering the efficiencies of thermal and electric motors, a mere 150 g of hydrogen are enough to replace one liter of gasoline. The GreenGT LMP H2 will have 12 kg of hydrogen in 700 bar high-pressure tanks on board. Hydrogen can be produced by solar energy. If you are familiar with FC you know that these cars only emit H2O.

GreenGT LMP H2 Le Mans Racer greengt

GreenGT will present a first version of its LMP H2, with a 100kW fuel cell on board, in autumn of 2011. A 300kW fuel cell version will follow. Christian Pescatori (6 times Le Mans driver, 2 times 2nd and winner of Sebring with Audi R8) will be the development driver.

The GreenGT LMP H2 will have all safety devices that GreenGT ahs already developed throughout its other three cars, GreenGT Sprint (2009), the Citro├źn Servile (2010) and the GreenGT 300 (2011).