Ferrari 458 GT2

December 9, 2010 at 11:43 am

This is the first picture of the GT2 version of Ferrari 458 Italia caught at Fiorano test track.

The GT2 is the new full-on racing version of the awesome 458 which unlike the Challenge, which will compete in a one-make series, will enter different kinds of GT, Le Mans, and endurance races all over the globe.

Ferrari 458 GT2 ferrari 458 gt2

The car comes in two GT2 and GT3 editions with technical specs yet to be confirmed. But the looks of the car will be just like what you see here, which you have to say is possibly the coolest race car ever built, even better than the SLS GT3!

As for the pricing to run one of these, set aside at least € 480,000! Cheaper alternatives include the GT3 for € 340,000 and the Challenge for € 245,000.

via: MotorWard

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