Citroen DS3 R3

July 6, 2010 at 9:34 am

Citroen Racing revealed their latest specially prepared rally car, the DS3 R3. It’s not a full-fledged WRC car, but it offers a good and affordable solution for those looking for a high performance machine for amateur rallying.

The car gets a four-cylinder 1.6-litre THP high-pressure turbo engine with 210 hp and 350Nm of peak torque, thanks to some racing modifications including air box, camshaft, pistons, connecting rods, exhaust and turbo systems. It also has a six-speed semi-automatic sequential gearbox.

Citroen DS3 R3 citroen ds3 r3 1

The DS3 R3 has a sophisticated suspension with Front McPherson type, Specific hinges and hub carriers, Rear H-shaped axles, Shock absorbers BOS three-track adjustable shock absorbers (low-and high-speed compression and rebound), and Adjustable hydraulic bump stop.

Other features include high performance braking system, and mandatory safety features such as racing seats, four-point harness and roll cage.