British Sportscars Go Electric With Delta E-4 Coupe

May 13, 2011 at 10:05 am

Being in tune with the time, the British company Delta Motorspot located at Silverstone track has made a sportscar that’s powered by electric motors.

This being a British sportscar, it’s not rubbish of course and offers plenty of power and speed. The high performance direct-drive electric motors produce well over 600Nm of torque and over 120hp each while only weighing 23kg. That means zero to 60mph in less than five second, top speed of 150 mph, and best of all range of 200 miles. It even has a carbon fiber chassis weighing  85kg – 2/3 less than a comparable steel structure despite being designed to pass EU crash tests.

British Sportscars Go Electric With Delta E 4 Coupe Delta E 4 Coupe 1

Development of the car was supported by a grant for research and development by the Regional Development Agency for the East Midlands area, EMDA. Five vehicles have been produced for the Technology Strategy Board Ultra Low Carbon Vehicle Demonstrator Program, the vehicles are part of the EEMS Accelerate consortium which aims to showcase high performance electric vehicles with cutting edge British design and engineering.

If they can put it into mass production and deliver the claimed performance, it could revamp the world of sports car motoring. It is going to be costly though, as Tesla has shown us with their roadster.