Audi e-Tron Electric Supercar

January 13, 2010 at 11:32 pm

At 2010 Detroit Autoshow Audi revealed a new version of their groundbreaking e-Tron concept which is much closer to the production form. They have also confirmed that this car will spawn the R4 model.  Also, some say that the next gen Audi TT will be based on this.

Detroit e-Tron is a two-seater car which is 3.93 meter (154.72 in) long and 1.78 meter (70.08 in) wide and 1.22 meter (48.03 in) tall, so it’s fairly compact. And because it only features two electric motors it is rear-wheel-drive and therefore lighter at 1350 Kg.

Audi e Tron Electric Supercar Detroit Audi e tron 1

Two electric motors which are installed on the rear axle develop a combined power of 150 kW (204 hp) with 2,650 Nm of torque (1954.54 lb-ft)! As for the performance, it does o to 60 mph on 5.9 seconds and can cover a distance of 250 kilometers (155.34 miles) before it needs to be plugged in.