Alfa Romeo Mito vs Mini Cooper

August 30, 2009 at 3:09 pm

Alfa Romeo has recently introduced a compact car named Mito. This faces a stiff competition from the rival company mini which released its version named cooper. Both of them give a very tough competition to one another. It is really a difficult task to determine who would win the race of the two.

Both of them are similar in looks and are very attractive. They are compact. Cooper from the mini company has been extremely popular in the emporia Armani while Alfa’s Mito are not seen commonly in the united kingdom roads. But the trend is now changing as more and more people are now changing towards the Italian based companies. The thing with mito is that Alfas don’t update themselves regularly but cooper is the clear leader in this aspect as they have made their second generation with good headlight and the grille. Mito is very easy to use and access which is a huge benefit.

Alfa Romeo Mito vs Mini Cooper Alfa Romeo Mito

Both of them use similar engines of low capacity. Alfa uses 1.4 liters turbo engines while mini cooper employs 1.6 liters. Both of them are sold for almost the same price which makes it equal in competition. The price of the Alfa is slightly higher than the minis cooper. Alfa is 14, 045pounds while minis cooper is 13, 715 pounds. Other facilities which are present in both the Alfa Romeo and minis cooper is air conditioners, electric window and the door mirror, CD players, ES etc.

Alfa Romeo Mito vs Mini Cooper Mini Cooper

The popularity of the minis cooper mainly depends on the look and the attractiveness of the car but Alfa Romeos fame is due to its practicability. Alfa Romeo is more spacious when you compare it with the mini’s cooper. Alfa Romeo is preferred now by most people because of the thrill now they get by the driving as it employs the 155 bhp engine. It do not take much time to accelerate the car as you will be able to reach up to 62 miles per hours of speed within 8 seconds but to attain the same speed with mini’s cooper it will take around 9.1 seconds of time. But you will find that mini’s cooper will be very smoother and swifter to drive on the roads. The driver also has the facility to select any one of the three modes while driving in Alfas Romeo as this employs DNA system.

There are several things that you have to consider in your mind before you choose a car to buy. You have to choose the car that will suit you the best. There are pros and cons in both minis’ cooper and in the Alfas Romeo. The thing is you have to select the car that will suit you the best. Some of the pros of Alfa is they are its space, performance, practicality and is more comfortable while pros of the mini’s is very cheaper and easy to drive. It is really very difficult to say which one is better than the other when you look at Alfa Romeo and mini’s cooper.