AC Schnitzer makes the fastest diesel-powered car

December 13, 2009 at 10:09 am

German tuner AC Schnitzer is widely famous for their amazing bodykits for different BMW models. But they are also quite good at engineering, and here’s the proof!

This is the AC Schnitzer ACS3 3.5d and it is officially the fastest diesel car in the world. Based on a BMW 335d, it features some performance upgrades which enable it to be as fast as 288.7 km/h. This speed has been recorded during Auto Bild high speed test at Nardo test track in southern Italy.

AC Schnitzer makes the fastest diesel powered car ac schnitzer acs3 1

The ACS3.5d is the third diesel sportscar from AC Schnitzer. Back in 2006 they had made another record braking model, but the new car beats that by 8.7 km/h.

Also during the test, the company set an amazing speed record for they modified BMW Z4. The ACS4 3.5 turbo could achieve 303.1 km/h, which is astonishing for a six-cylinder roadster.