Tune It Like a Pro!

December 12, 2017 at 7:26 pm

When you think about upgrading your car the first two things that pop into your mind are invariably power and styling. That is understandable, because those are the mods that will give you the most pleasure. But if you are serious about the art of tuning and know a thing or two about the subtleties of this field, you are also going to consider less obvious elements. You are going to think of some new shocks, maybe a new map for your ECU. And of course, you are going to get yourself a new set of brakes.

I know, brakes are probably the last thing a speed freak wants to spend money on. But one could argue upgrading brakes should be at the top of your mod list, and not just for safety reasons. Yes, it’s great to have powerful brakes to rely on when things get dicey and you need to lose speed fast. That is the first and foremost function of a braking system. But from a petrolhead’s point of view the breaks are also a vital part of an enjoyable drive, especially on the race track.

Tune It Like a Pro! Platzhalter Bremssch 300 300x300

Having good brakes is what enables you to out-corner your opponents by late-breaking into the bend. Good brakes also face much later than cheap, rubbish ones, which of course means you stay out there longer and have yourself a good time. On the road, too, having brakes you can put your confidence in is a must for serious drivers.

It is not just for upgrades and racing that you need to bring your brakes into the equation. Your daily driver, too, would appreciate a brake service every now and then, especially if it’s your family car in which you take the kids to school. You are going to want to keep the brakes on that car in tiptop shape because they could be the difference between life and death. Even if you can’t be bothered about the condition of your brake discs, you should at the very least keep an eye on those pads and change them as soon as they start to get too thin.

As for what sort of brakes and what brand, the rule of thumb for is to consult the manufacturer and use their original parts.  That is unless you are not happy with the quality of your stock brakes and pondering an upgrade. In the case you need to find yourself a reliable aftermarket specialist who will look at the performance of the car as well as the size of your rims and recommends a set of pads and discs that would work best with the setup you have. In most cases upgrading the front set is sufficient to improve the braking performance of your car. But if you have cash to spare, or if you are planning to track your car, or if you are just a tuning nut, then by all means go ahead and upgrade all four corners with new discs – preferably ventilated – and new pads -  the bigger the number of pistons in the calipers, the better.

So yes, adding more power to the car is always fun. And of course, the car needs to look the part, too. But remember, a professional tuning is about a uniform upgrade that enhances everything that has to do with the way the car drives and feels. Do not forget those brakes!