Third consecutive podium for Aston Martin LMP racer

April 19, 2010 at 5:17 pm

Aston Martin Le Mans prototype race car is showing great performance this year, as it secures third consecutive podium of 2010 at the 36th running of the Grand Prix of Long Beach, finishing in second place.

The 007 Aston in this race was piloted by Adrian Fernández (MX) and Harold Primat (CH), and they also had the chance to actually win the Grand Prix as Primat started from pole position, but then lost it!

Third consecutive podium for Aston Martin LMP racer AMR LBRace01

Team Principal, George Howard-Chappell said: “We’re very disappointed to have lost first place so close to the end. It was however, a very exciting race and the team had a lot to deal with throughout. Everyone did a great job, but it is a real shame not to win today.”

Adrian Fernández said: “As I took over the car mid way through the race, there were issues with brake fade, but I managed to climb back up to first position before the end by staying as consistent as possible and keeping clear of traffic. It was a real shame to have lost first place on the final lap.”

Harold Primat said: “I had a great start at the beginning of the race, the car was fine and my lap times were good. However, every time I managed to build up a lead, there was a safety car allowing the rest of the field to catch up. It was a really exciting race and the team did a great job.”

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