Prodrive Roll Cage For Mini Rally Car

July 6, 2011 at 9:10 am

Engineering firm Prodrive has come up with a new kind of roll cages for the Mini world rally car that performs much better in side impacts.

A combination of design innovation, rigorous analysis and exhaustive physical testing has allowed Prodrive to develop a new configuration of side-impact protection that could also improve the safety performance of other race and road cars. The innovative new curved shape of the door beams allows them to withstand much higher impact forces than traditional straight bars, in a similar way to the improved dent-resistance of curved body panels compared to flat ones.

Prodrive Roll Cage For Mini Rally Car Prodrive Roll Cage For Mini Rally Car

The new shape also feeds the loads into nearby welds in a controlled direction, minimising the chance of failure by tearing. The beams are so far outboard that they pass through the car’s B-pillars, to which they are welded, contributing further strength to the structure.

The new configuration also helps to improve interior space, which has been a concern of rally crews in the new smaller 2011 cars. Now this is what we call a useful contribution!