Jensen Interceptor Is Back!

September 21, 2011 at 8:15 pm

Those of you old enough to remember the original Jensen Interceptor must now be chuffed to bits that this gorgeous GT is about to be back.

Even if you are a young petrolhead you sure recognize the car as it was featured in the latest series of Top Gear. The modern-day interpretation of the Interceptor is going to build jointly by CPP and Healey Sports Cars in CPP’s new Brown’s Lane factory. The design remains loyal to the original car, but introduces some new curves and details to make it fresh for 2014, which is when the car is going to be launched.

Jensen Interceptor Is Back! jensi

Now if they give it a weak engine, they are going to ruin it. But if they come up with a V8 or even better a V12, it’s going to be amazing. The car will also feature aluminum chassis and sport suspension, so it should also drive brilliantly.

The car will make its public debut next year.