Fastest Car At Goodwood 2011

July 5, 2011 at 9:19 am

The glorious Goodwood Festival of Speed recognized the fastest car to take on the hill this year, and no it’s not the new Lamborghini Aventador or the Pagani Huayra. It is an old and knackered Toyota Celica!

Powered by a rally engine and boosted with turbochargers and nitrous, this purpose-built Toyota makes an incredible 800 bhp and went up the hill in 48.07 seconds. The engine is from a World Rally Championship winning Corolla, newly fitted with a Rotrex supercharger that will help raise maximum output to more than 800bhp. A nitrous oxide injection system helped reduce turbo-lag for quicker acceleration off the line.

Fastest Car At Goodwood 2011 Fastest Car At Goodwood 2011

The car was driven and built by former British Rally Champion, Jonny Milner. Based on the sixth generation Celica, Milner’s car is super-lightweight, tipping the scales at just 1,050kg. For better weight distribution, the driver’s position has moved back 12 inches, and the car’s centre of gravity has been lowered by raising the wheel arches and upper suspension mounts. A flat floor and rear diffuser add a degree of ground effect.