Diesel Cars with High Performance

August 30, 2009 at 2:35 pm

People think that petrol cars have high performance and fuel consumption is also very low as compared to diesel cars. But this is misconception; diesel cars are reliable and have low fuel consumption and high performance. Only the reason is that they are unable to make their image prominent among the car lovers in USA.

The reason for this is mainly that General Motors in 1980, designed car V8 which was diesel car. This car has high fuel consumption but slow speed. On the other hand, when the same V8 was run on the petrol it showed that it was high speed car with minimum fuel consumption.

Diesel Cars with High Performance diesel engine

After that the cars were designed by Mercedes Benz in 1980. The manufactures were all aware of the diesel engine that it is reliable but have some drawbacks lie giving out smoke and a lot of sound. The same is the case happens with the Volkswagen, which gave out blue smoke after the little time of usage.

But they keep on producing the diesel cars throughout the 1990s in USA. These cars used to sell with more efforts just due to a lot of noise and smoke coming out. But these both the companies tried to improve the drawbacks like giving out sound and smoke. Only they can touch the acceptable scale of efficiency regarding noise and smoke producing factors. Also they cannot touch the good amount of horsepower which is demanded by the general public.

All the car manufacturers available are manufacturing good and powerful diesel cars. You can buy these cars as they are very well designed and up to the mark. You do not need to remember about the diesel cars which were present initially. Now they are different from the diesel cars available in 1980s-90s.

People are of the view that diesel cars are slow and lethargic. But this was in past, now they are up to the mark and are in the position to give competition to the petrol cars available in the market.

Diesel Cars with High Performance mazda diesel

You can check for the diesel cars which compete with the petrol cars of the same manufacturing company. This is what BMW have done; the diesel version of BMW has undergone the petrol version. The car reaches from 0-60 in less than 8 seconds and gains 163 bhp. The diesel version has also the better mileage and has phenomenal results as compared to petrol version.

The Mercedes also have designed the diesel car which gives competing output to the petrol version. In just 7 seconds it reaches from 0-60 and gains 224bhp. These cars also keep very good competency of fuel usage. Less amount of fuel is used by these cars.

And also the diesel cars owners are suggested to buy good quality diesel as the diesel in North America is not that super. The diesel in North America has a content which turns havoc for the diesel engines of the cars, that content is sulfur. The car owners must always look for best quality diesel to increase the efficiency of the diesel engine!!