America Gets BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition

June 11, 2011 at 7:53 pm

It’s good BMW has not painted this special edition of the BMW M3 too orange! It is black, and not every black, but matte Frozen Black.

Destined for the American market, the car is limited to just 20 units and besides the black paint also features M3 GTS black wheels, red brake calipers, and gloss black exterior trim elements. you also get Novillo Leather with unique red-contrast stitching. And the cost of these changes $79,650 before tax and destination charge. In spite of what you might expect from an 80 grand car, it is the same 414 hp output as the standard M3 which cost around $60K.

America Gets BMW M3 Frozen Black Edition BMW M3 Frozen Black 2

More about the Frozen Black color: The special BMW Individual matte paintwork on the Frozen Black Edition M3 adds a rare metallic luster to the vehicle. Compared to conventional exterior colors with gloss finish, the sculpture-like character of Frozen Black paint highlights the athletic contours of the M3. To achieve this luster, a special BMW-developed silk matte clear coat is applied over the Black Metallic base coat. BMW Individual’s Frozen paints meet or exceed all BMW standards for durability and longevity, and feature a full factory warranty. Special care guidelines are provided to customers and authorized BMW centers to prevent the finish from becoming glossy.

Equipment List, Frozen Black Edition M3 Coupe:

* BMW Individual Frozen Black Exterior Paint
* Black Extended Novillo leather with Red Contrast Stitching on seats, headrests, door inserts, armrests, middle console, and door pulls.
* Black M3 GTS wheels, 19” diameter with high-performance summer tires
* Red brake calipers
* Gloss black kidney grills
* Gloss black side-gill elements
* Gloss black exhaust pipe tips